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Spoor , project proposal , Kissling/Peretz Fahrbereitschaft Berlin

A wall constructed around the railing ramp

in the back of the fahrbereitschaft premisses

We see the as an fragment of an abstract line, an axis stretching over the compound.

The wall is constructed as minimalist, as non-material, as thin as possible.

The wall have no function. It neither protects nor defines space surrounding it.

The ramp's hand rail is incorporated, immersed into the wall's structure. It is visible, but released from its purpose.

The wall becomes an abstract shape sitting in space.

On the way back from the studio we found this little nature morte in the pavement.

It illustrates how we perceive the wall/hand rail encounter.

If you follow both walls/lines, they meet.

Their meeting point have no material manifestation.

Still it's there.

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