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Quarter, Dual exhibition, Smart Loft, Berlin, 2015, installation of two videos over lapping and correlating , on a tar surface with a plate planted in the floor.


Video view

Video view

Floor, Asphalt surface and a plate

Plate text "self mastery is the root of all failures"

A sampel from the video's

Life seen as a carousel, the reality as an illusion built out of every single person’s projections. Same as Don Quijote is fighting against windmills - which appear to him as giants - humanity is fighting against the inevitable passing of time and insignificancy of human life itself.
The hope is to find salvation at some point which is only possible for the one’s having the courage to free from the demands of society and break down the consistent.With her site-specific work Quarter the artist Sharon Peretz is posing the question of the position of the human being in society and the public space. Through the potentially

endless cycle of the cinematic loop the viewer is experiencing this struggle over and over again. Furthermore while finding the right position in the installation space the recipient shall be encouraged to reflect about his own position in life.

Text by the curators  Elisabeth Pernau & Sophia Schiller

Photos of the installation were taken by Felix Kiessling

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