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Jerusalem, Bezalel, 10/2013, (firest day of the 3rd semester) 46sqm room wide work wood construction ,stutters, green mattress 


The inside

The work consists a wood construction and approximately 60 shutters that occupied most of the room and minimized the common space into a form of a corridor ,the work rises to a height of 4.5 meters at her highest point.  

Through the long journey of collecting the shutters I came across a man who gave me a shutter door with a handle, lock and a key, he named the door “Napoleon”. having a door created an inside space that i didn't think of before . During the time of the exhibition I became a part of the work and lived between the shutters, Inside the sculpture I absorbed people's reactions in an unfiltered way as they did not know I was there listening , i was protecting him as he was protecting me. I felt as if the sculpture is my out side persona and I'm the heart , i enlarged the gap/safe space between me and the other people and although this was a public space I felt free. My creation of the work came from the need to externalise that big inner shape , that work unexpectedly taught me a lot about my Subconscious behaviour in the society.There for i took my conclusions to the next work“Gap”. 

Photos of the installation were taken by Eli Singalovski

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